Round table: Ecological safety of the nuclear industry: from extracting raw materials to managing radioactive waste. Russian and international experience


  • Vladimir A. Grachyov, Adviser to the General Director General of Rosatom State Corporation, Coordinator for Environmental Policy of Rosatom State Corporation  

Issues for discussion:

Environmental safety and results of implementing the environmental policy by Rosatom SC in 2014 (Pdf. 3,4 МБ)
Vladimir A. Grachyov, Adviser to the General Director General of Rosatom State Corporation, Coordinator for Environmental Policy of Rosatom State Corporation;

Environmental risk assessment of a nuclear and radiation hazardous object: history and prospects (Pdf. 4,7 МБ)
Igor I. Linge, Deputy Director, Deputy Director of IBRAE RAS (Institute for Safe Development of Nuclear Energy of the Russian Academy of Sciences);  

Environmental safety of uranium mining by in situ underground leaching for the  example of JSC Dalur (Pdf. 768 KБ)
Vsevolod Yu. Galinov, Chief Inspector for Safety Control, ARMZ Uranium Holding Co, Inna K. Dushina, Leading Expert  of Group on occupational safety, industrial, radiation and environmental safety of ARMZ Uranium Holding Co;

Environmental aspects of the production of fuel for reactors of the Russian design (Pdf. 1,9 МБ)
Sergey I. Svinarenko, Executive director of Directorate for nuclear, radiological and industrial safety, JSC TVEL, Semen Batov, Head of Health, Safety & Environment Department of JSC TVEL;

Environmental safety of NPPs of the Russian design (Pdf. 1,2 МБ)
Vladimir M. Kocheryan, Chief Specialist of the JSC «Atomenegroproekt»;

Providing environmental safety  at FSUE FNO Mining Chemical Complex by closing the nuclear fuel cycle (Pdf. 2,9 МБ)
Pyotr M. Gavrilov, General Director of FSUE MCC;

Safety managing of the atomic energy  objects in conditions of entering into force of Federal Law No. 190-FZ “On management of radioactive wastes... (Pdf. 762 KБ)
Tatiana G. Rakitskaya, Expert of the Project Office on the formation of a unified national system of RW management of Rosatom SC,
Pavel V. Malinovskiy, Independent expert;

Experience of working with local communities in ensuring nuclear and radiation safety and environmental safety of nuclear enterprises
(Pdf. 196 KБ)
Alexander K. Nikitin, a member of the Public Council of SC Rosatom;

The system of SNF management in Russia (Pdf. 1,8 МБ)
Anzhelika V. Khaperskya, Senior Manager of Project office "Building the system for SNF management”, SC Rosatom;

Environmental aspects of spent fuel and radioactive waste treatment
Oleg A. Krieger,  expert of FSUE  FCNRS;  

The creation of the system of final isolation of radioactive waste providing  environmental safety of the Russian Federation (Pdf. 1,7 МБ)
Denis B. Yegorov, Deputy Director on the Uniform RW Treatment Development and Corporate Functions of NO RAO;

Environmental aspects of rehabilitation of radioactively contaminated territories (Pdf. 5,8 МБ)
Ekaterina A. Ulitina, Head of project, Project team "Rehabilitation of  radiation-hazardous facilities”, FSUE  RosRAO,
Natalia A. Novoselova, Head of the Division of environmental protection, FSUE "RosRAO;

The GERA code: a new design platform to  substantiate the safety of radioactive waste burial (Pdf. 2,6 МБ)
Sergey S. Utkin, Head of the Division of the Nuclear Safety Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences,
Ivan V. Kapyrin, Head of Laboratory of the Nuclear Safety Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences;

Methodological approaches to organizing and conducting radioecological monitoring in the NPP location under normal operation and utility accident (Pdf. 938 KБ)
Sergey V. Barbashev, Senior Fellow of  the Institute of Nuclear Power Plant Safety of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (confirmed).