Round table: Economic Efficiency, Safety Guarantees at Implementation of Back End Reference Solutions


  • Boris Myasoyedov – Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Spent Nuclear Fuel Management: Responsibility, Innovation Solutions and Technologies


Oleg Kryukov, Director for State Policy in the Field of Radioactive Waste, Spent Nuclear Fuel and Decommissioning,  Rosatom «Opening Remarks»

«NDF Activities. Fukusima Daiichi Decommissioning» (Pdf. 2,3 МБ)
Yasuhari Igarashi, Executive Director, Nuclear Damage Compensation and Decommissioning Facilitation Corporation (Japan);

«INPRO Dialogue Forum on Cooperative Approaches to the Back End of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Drivers and Legal, Institutional and Financial Impediments» (Pdf. 1,1 МБ)
Alexander Bychkov, Adviser to Rosatom Director General (Former IAEA Deputy Director General);

«Shipment of the Encapsulated Fuel from Paks Nuclear Power Plant to Russia for Reprocessing» (Pdf. 3,3 МБ)
Larisza Szoke, Head of Nuclear Fuel Division, Deputy Project Director for NPP Paks Encapsulated Fuel Management (Hungary);

«Further Development of Radiochemical Reprocessing at Mayak PA» (Pdf. 2,1 МБ)
Mikhail Pokhlebaev, Director General / Sergey Kirillov, First Deputy Director General – Director of Civil Products Manufacturing Department, Mayak PA;

«AREVA Sustainable Back End Solutions for Smooth and Optimized Nuclear Development» (Pdf. 1,5 МБ)
Ludovic Devos, Regional Vice-President, AREVA (France);

«Slovak Concept of SNF Treatment and Its Economic Aspects» (Pdf. 1,5 МБ)
Juraj Rovný, Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Manager, Slovenské Elektrárne a.s.;

«Development of Program of Cask Technologies for Management of Spent Fuel Assemblies from Russian NPPs as Means of Harmonization of Decisions for SNF Long-Term Storage» (Pdf. 1,5 МБ)
Afonyutin Mikhail, Manager in Marketing and Sales Unit, Federal Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety.

Radioactive Wastes Management: Efficiency Assessment, Volume Reduction, New Technologies

Experience of the Integrated Effectiveness Evaluation of RW Management in Nuclear Power Sector (Pdf. 706 KБ)
Tatiana Rakitskaya, Expert, Project Office on the Formation of a Unified State System of RW Management, Rosatom;

NEA Activities for the Safe and Effective Radioactive Waste Management: Status and Recent Achievements (Pdf. 1,0 МБ)
Vladimir Lebedev, RW Management Administrator, Division of Radiological Protection and Radioactive Waste Management, OECD NEA (France);

Spent Ion Exchange Resins: Challenges and Management: International Trends and Future Expectations Concerning Management of Spent Resins. NUKEM's Capabilities and Experience Concerning Treatment of Spent Resins, Spent Solvent, Alpha Waste, Bituminized Waste (Pdf. 1,6 МБ)
Georg Bräehler, Chief Technology Officer, Nukem Technologies GmbH;

Еconomic Impediments to Tritium Separation Technologies (Pdf. 4,3 МБ)
Sergey Florya, Project Manager, RosRAO;

«Practical Approaches of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "RADON" to the Problem of Reducing the Volume of Radioactive Waste at the Decommissioning Nuclear and Radiation Hazardous Facilities» (Pdf. 4,4 МБ)
Dmitry Adamovich, Deputy Director General for Commerce, RADON;

«Creation of an underground research laboratory» (Pdf. 1,3 МБ)
Denis Egorov, Deputy Director on Development of Single National System for RW Management and Corporate Functions/Nikolay Lobanov, Deputy Director  for Capital Construction (Со-speaker), NO RAO;

«Applicability of Russian Experience in the Establishment of Radioactive Waste Disposal Regulatory Model in Countries Planning the Development of Atomic Energy» (Pdf. 1,3 МБ)
Sergey Utkin, Head of Department, Nuclear Safety Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences.


Decommissioning: Safety, Efficiency, Cost Optimization

«Digital Decommissioning: Integrated Approach to Lowering the NPP Decommissioning Project Costs»
Vladislav Tikhonovsky, First Deputy Director General, NEOLANT;

«NEA Activities for the Safe and Effective Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations» (Pdf. 854 KБ)
Inge Weber, Decommissioning Administrator, Division of Radiological Protection and Radioactive Waste Management, OECD NEA (France);

«Best Practices of Demonstration Center for Uranium-Graphite Reactors Decommissioning» (Pdf. 1,5 МБ)
Andrey Izmestyev, Director General,  PDC UGR.