Round table: Research base of Rosatom’s enterprises as the basis for new markets development


  • Alexander Tuzov, Director, JSC Science and innovations, RIAR.


The research facilities  of SC Rosatom  Science Unit and the new products (Pdf.1,0 МБ)
Aleksej V. Dub, Director General of JSC Science and innovations;

Multifunctional fast research reactor Reactor (MBIR) -International Research Center
Alexander Tuzov, Director, JSC Science and innovations, RIAR;

Research facilities of French Atomic Energy Commissariat (Pdf.3,4 МБ)
Christophe Béhar,  Director of Department of Atomic energy,  French Atomic and Alternative Energies Commission;

Radiation material science (Pdf.1,4 МБ)
Vladimir D. Risovanyj, Deputy General, Chief Scientific Officer of Physics and energy unit of JSC Science and innovations;

Isotope Complex of the Science Unit of enterprises
Yuri G. Toporov Director of Center for Responsibility "Development and Coordination of Isotope Management", JSC SSC RIAR; 

Research facilities  for metal powders additive technologies
Nikolay M. Mantsevich,  Deputy Director of GIREDMET, Director of R& D Center.

Discussion:  (Participants from organizations of JSC Science and Innovations):

  • Nikolay A. Kondratyev, Executive Director JSC Science and Innovations;
  • Gennady A. Sarychev, Deputy Director-General, Advisor on the chemical-technology unit;
  • Valentin P. Smirnov, Deputy Director-General, Advisor on electrophysics unit;
  • Vladimir E. Cherkovec,  General Director of JSC TRINITY.