General Sponsor of the ATOMEXPO 2016 Forum

Exclusive position

  • Status of General Sponsor of the ATOMEXPO 2016 Forum;
  • Full-color advertising module in Official Forum Catalog (2 pages, 1000 copies);
  • Detailed information about company activity in Russian and English languages in Official Forum Catalog (1 page, 1000 copies);
  • Sponsor’s welcome speech in Official Forum Catalog (number of characters and format to be agreed with the Organizer);
  • Placing a roll-up in the exposition area (materials and structures are provided by Sponsor, subject to agreement with the Organizer and in accordance with technical requirements);
  • Handing out Sponsor’s promotional materials to every Forum visitor at the registration desk (materials are provided by Sponsor, number and format of materials to be agreed with the Organizer) and/or providing an opportunity for Sponsor’s promoter to work at the exhibition;
  • Placing Sponsor’s promotional materials in information packages for the media and in the portfolio of the Forum Business Program participants (number and format of the materials to be agreed with the Organizer);
  • Demonstration of Sponsor’s video advertisement on wide-format displays before business events start and after they finish (no sound, video maximum 1 minute long, at least 12 times a day);
  • References to Sponsor in Official Forum Highlights edition (1000 copies);
  • Placing a logo and/or mention of Sponsor:
    on exhibition invitations (3000 pcs.);
    - in Official Forum Catalog in the “Sponsors of the Forum” section with an indication of status (1000 copies);
    - on Official Forum Website with a hyperlink to Sponsor’s website;
    - on the Forum participants badges (at least 2000 pcs);
    - on external and internal advertising surfaces at the Forum;
    - in the Forum press-releases, issued by Atomexpo JCS.
  • Announcing Sponsor with an indication of its status in social media - Twitter, Facebook, and in letters of information about the Forum, distributed via e-mail during the Forum’s PR campaign (at least 3 deliveries across a database of 4000 contacts);
  • Providing Sponsor with 5 VIP badges, granting access to all Forum events;
  • Granting Sponsor a 20% discount for the exhibition area.


Price: 25,000 EUROS*

*All prices are subject to 18% VAT.