Welcome Address - Peter Prozesky

Dear colleagues,

Almost 30 years have passed since the world’s nuclear power operators met in Moscow to form the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO). It was a great achievement and heralded a bold new era of collaboration between operators and nations – regardless of geography or political affiliation – all with the shared objective of maximising global nuclear safety and reliability.

Since then, the services that we deliver to our members have gone from strength to strength - and the overall margin of safety in the industry has undoubtedly improved. However we must never be complacent - the journey to nuclear safety is continuous - nuclear power plants should continue to measure themselves against the best globally to achieve excellence.

So as we look to the next 30 years - what more can be done to maximise safe and reliable operation of the world’s nuclear power plants? In a changing context around the world, nuclear energy has to face new challenges. In Asia and the Middle East the nuclear fleet is growing rapidly, here around two-thirds of the world’s new reactors are under construction.

It is important the industry supports these new units to ensure that they make a safe and reliable transition from construction to operation.  From WANO’s perspective, these new entrants should engage with us early, and become members as soon as the contract for main works is signed.

In addition, with more competition between different methods to generate energy and economic pressure, the nuclear industry is being challenged everywhere to demonstrate its efficiency. Encouraging best practice is a key way for each company to improve.

But whatever the challenges are, we all have to keep in mind that in the face of this changing context, nuclear safety remains our overriding priority. Raising safety standards needs strong international cooperation and global partnership across the nuclear operating community. Our progress should be supported by collective efforts and an open attitude worldwide. These are the conditions for shared success.

I am delighted to support ATOMEXPO, a major global event for the world’s nuclear industry. I wish you all an enjoyable and successful event.


Peter Prozesky
Chief Executive Officer, World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO)

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