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Welcome Address – Sergey Kiriyenko

Dear friends,

More and more countries are coming to the realization that developing nuclear technologies is an absolute must. After all, such technologies are irreplaceable to the achievement of humankind’s sustainable development goals.  

There is a growing interest in nuclear energy as a reliable, clean, safe and affordable power source needed for economic growth and infrastructural development. However, not just the energy application is developing but the non-energy use of radiation technologies is also flourishing. These technologies are playing an increasingly important role in medicine, agriculture, mechanical engineering, transport and natural resources development, among others.

A wide range of nuclear technologies applications will be demonstrated at the 11th ATOMEXPO Forum. The attendance of highly skilled and experienced professionals from many countries have helped transforming the event from a conference organized by Rosatom into one of the world’s leading platforms for setting the global nuclear agenda. The most valuable element of the Forum is the fact that is gives all the nuclear industry players –heads of government agencies, companies and international organizations, as well as experts – an opportunity to engage in a constructive dialogue. I am confident that the Forum will play an important role in the development of the necessary strategies, models and mechanisms for the evolvement of nuclear energy and application of the advanced nuclear technologies that are aimed at achieving a better quality of life.    

I hope that your work at the Forum will be productive, and that your business meetings and cooperation initiatives bear fruit!

Sergei Kiriyenko
First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office of the Russian Federation,
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation

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